National Watershed Development Project For Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA)

List of Micro Watersheds Project to be Taken Up During The XIth Plan In Meghalaya

Definition of Watershed Management

A Watershed (or catchment) is a geographic area that drains to a common points makes it an ideal planning unit for conservation of soil and water. Indeed Watershed approach represent the (act as a ) principal vehicle for transfer of rainfed agricultural technology.

Watershed Areas:
Mainly Watershed consist of three(3) physical sectors
  1. Arable or cultivated lands which are privately owned.
  2. Non-Arable Lands which include village pastures and grazing grounds, culturable wasteland and barren and unculturable lands, and
  3. Network of Natural Drainage lines
These three sub-sectors are hydrologically interspersed and would be treated as one organic geo-hydro-logical entity for project planning and implementation to ensure sustainable use of natural resources of land and water.