Agriculture Achievement Kisan Call Centre

Skills required at different levels in Kisan Call Centres

(a)  Facilitation Skills:

When a call received at the Level-I and Level-II, the receivers welcome the caller by “Greetings” and facilitate him in presenting the problem in a focused way by giving a lead to his query in the following way :

  • Speak in Farmer's language
  • Use Easy words
  • Use short sentences
  • Give patient listening to understand the local conditions and Farmer's situation for the query he raises.
  • Diagnose the problem by probing the details.
  • Answering the query at the level of farmer's knowledge.

(b)  Communication Skills:

  • Empathise with the farmer
  • Listen actively for content and feeling
  • Exhibit commitment and interest to convince the farmer
  • Avoid defensiveness in conversation.
  • Use personal words in conversation
  • Relate with local experiences, if possible.
  • Avoid use of unnecessary and complex words and sentences.
  • Smooth transition in voice.
  • Speak politely.
  • Close call with greetings.

(c)  Computer Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of key board and mouse.
  • Basic knowledge of Internet.
  • Sending and Receiving E-mails.