Agriculture Achievement Fruit and Vegetable Processing


        Pickles may be prepared from un-ripe fruits or vegetables or a mixture of both according to one's liking.

Curing of Fruits / Vegetables:  

        Dissolve 360 gms common salt in 1640 ml of water (18% salt solution) and after filter in a muslin cloth, then add 2 gms sodium benzoate and 5 gms turmeric powder and stir well. Place 1 kg of the cut fruits/ vegetables in suitable containers having lids, fill in with the above prepared solution, close the containers properly and allow to cure for a minimum period of 2 (two) weeks time.


  • 1 kg fruit/ vegetables.
  • 10 gms sarso.
  • 10 gms dhania.
  • 10 gms methi.
  • 10 gms kala jeera.
  • 10 gms sauff.
  • 10 gms ajwain.
  • 30 gms chilli powder.
  • 750 ml mustard oil.

        After curing period is over, drain off the solution properly from the fruits/vegetables and mix with the already roasted and ground spices, then place the fruits/vegetables in sterilized bottles and fill in with pre cooked and cooled mustard oil and seal properly.