Agriculture Achievement Fruit and Vegetable Processing


        Jam may be prepared from a single fruit or a combination of two or more fruits. Dried and canned fruits or preserved pulps may also be used.

Extraction of Pulp:  Fruits may be crushed or cut into small pieces with the help of stainless steel knife and boil with a sufficient quantity of water; then passed the boiled fruits through a fine sieve to obtain the pulp.

Recipe:  The following equipments are required for preparation of different products :

  • 1 Kg pulp
  • 1 Kg sugar
  • 5 gms ready made fruit pectin
  • 2 gms citric acid (citric acid is not necessary in case of Plum and Sohiong jam).

        Colour may be used in case of mixed fruit jam. Sprinkle the required quantity of Pectin mixed with small quantity of sugar to the pulp and boiled for 5 minutes then add equal quantity of sugar to the pulp (i.e., 1 kg pulp and 1 Kg sugar) and heat the content stir well with wooden laddle till heavy consistency and add citric acid. When the total soluble solids reached 68.5°Brix as determined by a "Refractometer" then stop boiling, fill the prepared jam in clean and sterilized jars and seal properly. If the jam is to be packed in cans it should be filled while it is still hot, seal, invert the cans and pasteurized for about 30 minutes at 82°C to 85°C and cool in water. In case of lager size cans, i.e. above A-2½ cans pasteurization is not necessary.