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Soh Shang
Meghalaya is favourable for a variety of sub-tropical and temperate fruits. Sub-tropical fruits grown include citrus species, pineapple, banana, papaya, guava and jack-fruit. Temperate fruits such as pear, peach and plums are widely grown in the Khasi Hills districts of the State.

A wide range of indigenous fruits are also cultivated. The prominent indigenous fruits of the State are :

Myrica nagi (sohphie),
Prunus nepalensis (sohiong),
Elaeagnus latifolia (sohshang),
Flemingia vestita (sohphlang),
Docynia indica khasiana (sohphoh khasi), etc

Citrus Species:
Among the Citrus species of the State, the most dominant is Khasi Mandarin Orange. Khasi Mandarin is adjudged as an important variety, widely known throughout the North Eastern region as well as outside and having good acceptance among the consumers. Mandarin is mainly grown in the sub-mountainous tract along the Indo-Bangladesh border regions of the State.

The other important Citrus species like Citrus Indica which is considered as a possible progenitor of cultivated species is also found in the Garo Hills districts of the State. Citrus Medica (Cytone) is also found to grow wild in Garo Hills. Citrus Latipes (Khasi paeda) is also grown in the State.

pineapple Pineapple:
Pineapple is one of the most important fruit crops in the State, besides mandarin orange and banana, with a positive average growth rate in production. The fruit is grown from the plains upto about 1000m above M.S.L. However, it grows well on the foothills of the State upto 700m above M.S.L., where the yield is marginally better. In the hills, the crop is grown in the un-terraced slopes, the rows being along the slopes, purely as a rainfed crop.
In the mid-hills (800m above M.S.L.), double-row bed planting with a spacing of 45X45X75cm has been found to be optimum on wide-bench terraces, based on the findings of ICAR.
The most prominent pineapple variety grown in the State is Giant Kew, followed by the Queen variety.

banana Bananas:
Varieties like Jahaji, Chenichampa, Malbhog and indigenous varieties are commonly grown in the region. Cherrapunjee Banana, an indigenous type of banana, grown in the southern slopes of Meghalaya is very popular and has high market demand due to its quality. Recently tissue-cultured banana saplings are doing well in the region.

Temperate Fruits:plum
Temperate fruits like Plum, Peach, Pear, Apricot are found in the central plateau of East and West Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills and have good commercial value.

Other Fruits:strawberries
Other fruits having great potentiality, but presently grown on limited scale and acreage are Guava, Mango, Litchi, Lime/Lemon, Sweet Orange, Papaya etc. Besides, there is promising potential to grow some other nutritious fruit crops in the State such as Jackfruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mulberry, Custard Apple, Sapota, etc., but they are yet to be exploited commercially.

The State is not suitable for commercial cultivation of apple in absence of adequate chilling hours (800-1600 hours below 7°C) needed for the crop although high hills can be exploited for growing low-chilling apple cultivars.