Success Story Of Drepshon Kharpuri

        Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri is 65 years of age and a resident of Laitjem village, which is about 22 Kms from Shillong. He has emerged as one of the progressive farmer under Mylliem Block in East Khasi Hills through sheer hard work and ingenuity.. He and his family owned a plot of land not less than 3 hectare and were growing assortment of vegetables like cauliflower, radish, turnip, pea etc. He is also a registered Potato grower under the Department for seed multiplication. Five years back Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri seeing the shortage of vegetable seeds faced by the farmers in his village and surrounding areas took it upon himself to start “Vegetable Seed Production for Cole crops” in his own land. With the launching of Technology Mission on Horticulture he could expand his work as the Department has given assistance to him for area expansion of vegetables, installation of polyhouse and drip irrigation. With the implementation of Private Nursery under TMH/2007-08/2R, his family has been selected as one of the beneficiary for “Vegetable Seed Production Nursery”. Since then, Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri has progress tremendously in this field and he was subsequently provided with one hi-tech polyhouse of 100 sqm, one water harvesting tank and a vermi-compst unit.

        This has enhanced his activities and through his Nursery he is able to produce upto 8 Kg of cauliflower seeds, 5 Kg of radish seeds, 5 Kg of turnip seeds and 100 Kg of pea seeds annually respectively.
        Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri market the seeds locally to the farmers of near and far villages without any difficulty and he earns approximately 1.5 lakh annually from this activity.
        Thus Setting up of “Vegetable Seed Production” Nursery in this place is an important milestone and Drepshon Kharpuri has shown the way for other farmers to emulate.