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        Maize is another important food grain of the State occupying an average annual area of 17260 Ha. Out of the total average food-grain area of 132420Ha. in the State, maize occupies 13.03% producing about an annual average of 23150 Metric tons with an average yield of 1341.55 Kg/Ha during 1990-91 to 2000-01.

        The computed annual growth rate during this period is 130 Ha (0.77%) with an average annual production increase of 290 Metric Tons(1.27%) and an average annual growth rate of 27.33 Kg per Ha(2.04%).

        Composite varieties like Vijay and Kisan are found to be favourable in lower, mid as well as higher altitude regions whereas the local improved varieties such as Local White and Local Yellow are quite popular in mid and higher altitude (above 800m M.S.L.) regions.

Varieties Grown:

HYV - Vijay, Kissan, NLD White, Naveen

Native Varieties

Local White and Local Yellow