Agriculture Achievement Distribution of Horticultural Crops by Climatic Zone

For the purpose of planning for development, research and extension, pending further detailed delineation of agro-climatic zones, the state can be divided into 3 (three) zones for working conditions. Broad outlines of the horticultural crops grown in each zone are as follows:
Sl. No. Tropical Zone
(100 – 300 msl)
Sub-tropical Zone
(300-1100 msl)
Temperate Zone
(1100-2000 msl)
1 Litchi Litchi Plum
2 Papaya Lemon Peach
3 Lemon Orange Pear
4 Orange Guava Apricot
5 Pineapple Grape fruit Chesnut
6 Banana Pineapple Poatato
7 Guava Ginger Spices
8 Arecanut Tumeric Off Season Vegetables
9 Black Pepper Cinnamon
10 Betle Lea Chilli
11 Coconut Potato
12 Tumeric Sweet Potato
13 Cinnamon Vegetables
14 Chilli
15 Potato
16 Sweet Potato