The most important oilseed crops grown in the State aMustard fieldre Rape and Mustard. The bulk of production of Rape and Mustard is in Garo Hills, which constitutes upto 96% and 97% of the Area and Production under oilseeds respectively. Other oilseed crops are Groundnut, Soyabean, Sesamum, Castor, Linseed and Sunflower.

        During the period 1990-91 to 2000-01, the average annual area brought under oilseeds was 9142 hectares with an average annual production of 5814 MT. During the same period the average annual growth rate was 60 hectares with a production of 120 MT.

        During 2000–01, the total Area and Production of oilseeds was 9503 Ha. and 6374 M.T. respectively.

        It may be mentioned that although soyabean is primarily considered a pulse, it is also grown in the State as an oilseed crop. Out of the total area of 983 Ha. under Soyabean, the districts of Ri Bhoi, East and West Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills accounts for 744 Ha.

        The scope for expansion of area under oilseeds is truly large. It is expected that with a concerted thrust given to double and multiple cropping strategy, the cultivation of oilseed crops would propagate into an established agricultural practice in the State.

Varieties Grown

  • Mustard - M-3, M-18, M-27
  • Groundnut - J.L-24, Girnar-1 and TG-1A
  • Soyabean - Bragg
  • Sesamum - Local selection
  • Castor - G.C.H-3, Aruna, NPH-1
  • Sunflower - E.C.-68413, 68415, 69874, Record