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The State Biological Control Laboratory, SBCL, Upper Shillong was set up in June 2003 with the purpose of making the farmers aware of the existence of other methods of controlling pests and diseases in crops other than the chemical method.
Until recently, the only method that the farmers adopt for controlling pests and diseases in their crops is by spraying chemical pesticides. It was in June 2014, that the Government had stopped the use and procurement of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by the Department of Agriculture.
This has led to the stoppage in the promotion and usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides across all departmental schemes, and now with the State on the transitioning phase to organic production, the farmers and the farming community are being sensitized on the advantages of sustainable agriculture by the adoption and usage of organic inputs to maintain soil health and a clean environment, production of safe food and mitigating on the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This has led to an increase in the number of farmers who are using Bio-pesticides as a means of controlling pests and diseases.

(A). Aims and objectives:-

  • i) Culturing and multiplying proven strains of bio agents / bio pesticides in the lab which are suited for an organic production system.
  • ii) Distribution of finished products to farmers through different entities like District offices, Blocks, KVKs and ATMAs.
  • iii) In addition SBCL, Upper Shillong is also serving as a technology clearing house for biological control practices in the state.
  • iv) Lab to land transfer of technology and knowledge.
  • v) Spreading awareness on the importance and significance of biological control amongst rural development agencies and the farming community.

(B). Target Beneficiaries:-
The beneficiaries targeted are all those who want to use the bio pesticides multiplied in our lab. In order to cater to this, the lab distributes the bio pesticides through the officers and extension workers of the Department, KVKs, CIPMC and ATMAs etc stationed in all the districts of the state.

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