Brief Description of Farm Mechanisation:

  • Farmers submit application to the District Agriculture Officer to avail subsidy schemes for the Farming equipments like Power Tiller, Mini Tractor, Rotary Tiller, Water Pump Set, Rice Huller, Paddy Winnower, Power Multi Crop Thresher, Paddy Thresher (Manually Operated), Paddy Reaper, Power Weeder, Self Propelled Rice Transplanter (4 Rows), Manual Rice Transplanter, Self Propelled Chain Saw, Brush Cutter, Self Propelled Post Hole Digger/ Augur, Self Propelled Tree Pruner, Automatic Mini Rice Mill, Ginger/ Turmeric Slicer and Chaff Cutter.
  • The District Agriculture Officer(DAO) will send the field officer to verify the availability of Land and for growing paddy, crops, etc.
  • After the Filed Officer submit the field report, the DAO will recommend and forward the application to the Directorate of Agriculture for approval.
  • The Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) will scrutinised the application and all relevant documents and then approve for allotment of the equipments applied as per schemes available for the financial year.
  • The SE Mechanical then generates the allotment order and request the Beneficiary to collect the Allotment order.
  • Once the benefiairy received the equipments, he/she has to bring the photos of the equipment and the details of the machine like Machine Sl. No and Chassis No. which will be recorded in the application software.
  • At every completion of the tasks, SMSes will be triggered to the Applicants/Beneficiary.

Farmer's Column:

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