Horticulture Crops

Distribution of Horticultural Crops by Climatic Zone
Fruits Fruits
Fruits grown include Citrus Species, Banana.
Vegetables Vegetables
Some of the important vegetables.
Tuber Crops Tuber Crops
Some important Tuber Crops are Potato, Yam.
Plantation Crops Plantation Crops
Plantation Crops include Arecanut..
Spices Spices
Some Prominent Spices are Turmeric, Ginger, Chilli.
Potatoes Potatoes
Potato is the most important cash crop of the State.
Ornamental Plants Ornamental Plants
Ornamental plants are grown in.
Medicinal Plants Medicinal Plants
More than 800 medicinal plant species have..
indigeneous Plants Indigeneous Plants
Prominent indigenous plants include.
Mushrooms Mushrooms
Meghalaya offers great potential for production.
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