Agri Crop Calendar

Agriculture Crop Calendar for the Month of January

  • Main field preparation and transplanting of Boro paddy in low altitude region completes.
  • Harvesting of Rabi maize in mid altitude and low altitude regions completes.
  • First top dressing and irrigation of wheat crop in low altitude region continues.
  • Harvesting of soyabean in high altitude region completes.
  • Land preparation for spring potato in high altitude region commences.
  • Budding of citrus completes.
  • Harvesting of oranges completes and banana continues.
  • Harvesting of arecanut and black pepper continues.
  • Pit digging and winter planting of fruits plants commences.
  • Weeding and jungle clearing of orchard completes.
  • White washing, irrigation and manuring of fruit trees in the orchard continues.
  • Pruning and grafting of fruit plants commences.
  • Control of lichen and moss in the orchard with caustic soda.
  • Watering of vegetable and fruit nurseries continues.
  • Second transplanting for seed production of cole crops in high altitude region completes.
  • Seedbed preparation for sowing of tomato in low altitude region commences.
  • Land preparation and sowing of lady’s finger, pumkin and french bean in low altitude region.
  • Harvesting of mustard for seed (oil extraction) purpose in low altitude region commences.
  • Sowing of Tea seeds in nursery completes.
  • In plantation frame- forming prune in young tea commences, levelling and shifting completes.
  • Collection of Paddy straw, well rotted cowdung and soil for substrate and casing for button mushroom.
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